Manager / Designer / Consultant


Carbon-Conscious Entrepreneur; Investment Bank Intrapreneur; Partnership Executive; Camp Director; Opera Singer.

Experienced leader, facilitator, manager, articulator, and problem-solver. I connect people, workflows, and systems with humor and clarity.



Clear values and priorities create sound structure and design choices


I trained and performed as an opera singer prior to becoming an entrepreneur and manager, problem-solver, and facilitator for large and small businesses. My musical education taught me that active listening, hard work, details, and articulation matter, and that the show must go on. Those core values enabled me to work my way up from the mailroom to management at Morgan Stanley, and to found a transformative carbon-conscious real estate start-up.

As an experienced leader and designer, I bring people from diverse experiences and backgrounds together to build inspired, straightforward, sophisticated, and robust solutions to complex problems. I connect people, workflows, and systems with humor and clarity. 

My training is in analytical writing (history) and in music which I studied at Oberlin College. I have a masters degree in singing opera from Yale University.  

When I'm not working on green buildings in cities or helping companies bring their technologies and business processes in line with their values, I'm busy keeping my family's land in Northeastern PA wild and used for regenerative camping, hunting, fishing, and forestry.

And singing arias from time to time.