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Financial Services Industry Management


In my decade at Morgan Stanley, I designed and directed business processes, procedures, and technology applications in the firm's core Global Capital Markets division, reporting to the Chief Operating and Risk Officers.

I began my unique career as a starving artist answering phones and worked my way up, becoming fluent in the business patois of colleagues and counterparties. I connected key constituencies, translating between 'Harvard' and 'Syracuse', end-user and developer, and compliance and trading desks, and beyond. 

I bridged gaps. I facilitated the clear articulation of priorities and options. I coordinated and led organizational change.

Along the way, I developed and implemented regulator facing technologies, tools, and protocols. I also designed processes, influenced policies, and led procedure reviews that met the efficiency, execution, and risk management needs of division heads, managing directors, analysts, assistants, risk managers and compliance officers.


Selected Morgan Stanley Projects


Deal Document Repository

Developed and successfully launched a new deal document repository within an existing enterprise pipeline reporting platform.  Balanced ongoing business needs of the division and the broader firm with compliance and regulatory requirements to deliver a vastly improved product within an agile development environment. Through thoughtful design and dispassionate prioritization, delivered a winning product with divergent, division-specific requirements while strengthening the underlying platform.

Dodd Frank Voice Recording

Led tactical and strategic divisional responses to Dodd-Frank voice recording requirements. Collaborated with Enterprise Infrastructure to quickly identify risks and implement a near-term response bridging ad hoc, poorly understood systems, and with Technology to develop a coherent long-term solution capable of adapting to a volatile regulatory environment. The combination of tactical and strategic approaches allowed business to proceed apace without undue exposure to regulatory risks. 

Online Legal Bill Payment System

Led implementation and divisional management of electronic legal bill payment system. Instituted protocols that enabled both rigorous expense management, a clear audit trail,  and prompt payment of vendors, saving the firm over $1MM per year in overpayments and deepening relationships with key legal service providers. 

Business Continuity Management Overhaul

Led and completed an audit and subsequent overhaul of divisional business continuity management protocols, bringing emergency operations measures up to date and mapping them to current business lines. This project called for alignment of regulatory and firmwide requirements with divisional management and desk head driven operational needs. Led testing of remote and Work Area Recovery access for business critical personnel and systems.