Manager / Designer / Consultant




Camp! is a regenerative pop-up community that forms on the historic grounds of The Camp at Lake Choconut each August. Begun in 2004 as an occasional gathering of college friends, Camp! was reinvigorated in 2015 and has since grown to become a creative and self-sustaining Fun Collective. Campers share the costs, work, and joys of living, eating, and playing together for a week in a pristine natural environment while sharing ideas, music, art, and  stories. 



Participants make major contributions to the planning and running of Camp! and return each year bringing new friends and experiences with them. This intentionally democratic design deepens their engagement with the community, making Camp! a vibrant and sustainable project.



Camp! takes place in Northeastern PA, near the heart of the Marcellus Shale gas fracking boom. Camp!'s sustainable economic model contributes to the regenerative use of its over 760 acre undeveloped woodland campus and the glacial, spring-fed lake at its center. 


Friends And Families

Camp! was designed in part to solve the problem of how to simultaneously enjoy the company of friends with kids and friends without them. We created a space where parents can take breaks, share responsibilities, and have a raucous time with their friends as well. Camp! integrates families and friends into each other's lives.