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Real Estate Impact Investing


I'm a co-founder and partner at TEC Partners, a carbon conscious real estate investment firm. I lead TEC's business development, product development, and investor relations efforts. I also evaluate investment opportunities and funding options. Mostly, I'm responsible for making sure that our mission is translated into our products, and into our tactical and strategic choices.

TEC Partners underwrites and invests in multifamily real estate equity and debt opportunities with a focus on carbon reduction and fuel price risk. Our mission is to boost investor returns by lowering the carbon footprint of every property we own. The special sauce is our quantitative understanding of the direct relationship between fuel efficiency measures and asset value.

We partner with outstanding companies like Bright Power and RadiatorLabs to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and increase their worth. And we participate in the larger conversation around climate change and the role of the private sector in creating a sustainable economy.